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Discover Private Dining Movie Room

Starting from AED 155 per person only!

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Book your Private Cinema Room.png

Are you ready for the new level of Fine dining ?

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Q: How do I reserve the dine in movie room?

A: To reserve the dine in movie room please contact us at 04 331 3310 or book your reservation on our website. After booking the movie room reservation via website, you will receive a link for ordering your food package. Please note that minimum number of guests are 2 people and maximum of 8 people per booking. Each guest should order their own food package.

Q:  When should I make the reservation?

A:  The dine in movie room is subject to availability and will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival so you would need to book your session in the website or via call in advance

Q:  How many guests are allowed under one booking?

A:  The movie room is exclusive for up to 8 people

Q:  How long can the dine in movie room be booked?

A:  Each booking is approximately good for 2 hours or for the duration of one movie session. Guests can book more than one movie in a day for an additional fee

Q:  How much is the reservation?

A:  Dine in movie room is for AED 350 and additional charge of your selected package of food and drinks per person

Q:  Which movies can I watch?

A:  Choose from a wide variety range of movies from OSN+ and inform us upon reservation

Q:  How long can the dine in movie room be booked?

A:  The booking includes AED 350 for movie room rent for 2 hours and AED 150 per person for food and drinks package.

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